At Zoho, our goal is to build a comprehensive and tightly integrated suite of business apps that serve as an operating system to assist growth and digitization. We presently offer 45+ customizable apps across major business categories, providing a digital backbone that suits organizations’ perpetually expanding list of operational needs.

Zoho Sign, our digital signature app, was launched to help businesses securely sign, send, and manage legally-binding business documents from anywhere. Zoho Sign’s integrations with our HR management apps, such as Zoho Recruit and Zoho People, and our temporary workforce management app, Zoho Workerly, can help organizations and staffing agencies completely get rid of pen and paper and carry out all paperwork online in a digitized manner.

In this webinar, we address the following:
1. The need for digital signatures and an overview of Zoho Sign
2. Sending call letters, interview invites, non-disclosure agreements, application forms, and offer letters directly to your candidates’ email inbox for digital signing and collecting digital signatures in person during recruitment drives
3. Setting up templates for organization documents such as company policies, employee declarations, and a code of conduct that need to be digitally signed by employees upon updation
4. Sending Onboarding documents, employment contracts, appraisal letters, and other employee-specific documents to particular employees for digital signatures
5. Dispatching work certificates or asset and claim approval documents individually or in bulk based on self-service form submissions made by employees, either manually or through automated workflows
6. Sending job sheets and offers to temporary staff, delivering contracts and agreements to clients for digital signing, and raising digitally signed invoices for completed jobs.

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