Blueprint provisions a meticulous design to the process laid out in your Creator application. You can envision the process management in your organization and create a functional structure for it, complete with automation, validation, and collaboration.

In this community webinar session, we will explore the workings of Blueprint and demonstrate how it can be used across any application built on the Creator.

Along with that, we will also be showcasing the release updates that happened in Creator during the month of June and July.

What will be covered during the session?
👉🏼 Introduction to Blueprint
👉🏼 Understanding the key components of Blueprints
👉🏼 Stages & Transitions
👉🏼 Use cases – Live application demonstration
👉🏼 Best practices to follow while creating a Blueprint
👉🏼 Release updates
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:47 – Agenda
00:04:37 – Introduction to Blueprint in Zoho Creator
00:06:12 – Existing approval flow in creator and custom approval flow using Blueprint
00:08:32 – Components of Blueprint
00:14:27 – Use cases
00:20:38 – Demonstration – Custom Approval Process using Blueprint
00:40:11 – Demonstration – Work Load Balancer Application
00:52:15 – Advantages of Blueprint
00:55:18 – Release Updates
01:03:17 – Conclusion
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