The holiday season is a great time to boost ROI using email marketing. It is probably one of the busiest times of the year and a lot of marketers plan holiday emails well ahead to stay in the holiday season email marketing race. So here’s our new episode of Expert Diaries where we have included tips and strategies that will help email marketers plan and run their holiday email campaigns for 2021.

In this session, we have Nikki Elbaz with us. She is a well-known email strategist and copywriter. She has previously worked as the Head of Email with Copyhackers and currently owns, a company in her name, Nikki Elbaz. In the past she has worked with clients like SproutSocial, Shopify Plus, TailWind, and others. She’s helped her clients send over 1000s of emails, so she is dubbed as the ‘Queen of Emails’.
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00:00 Introduction
05:18 Main factors to consider before planning a holiday campaign
09:27 Planning an email campaign using geo-targeting
13:41 When should you send your first holiday campaign
17:38 What is the one thing that attracts Nikki a lot in emails
18:56 Tips for creating subject line, preheader, and sender name
23:46 Adding GIFs, images, and videos in your email content
26:21 Content and design related tips for win-back emails
30:45 What’s the most important factor in holiday email marketing
32:11 Personal favourite emails from brands
34:20 Conclusion

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