Developer APIs are a core pillar of the Creator’s extendability. They allow third-party applications to exchange data with Creator enabling a holistic and unified approach to decision making. Creator’s V2 API, an improvement upon v1, employs One-Auth based authentication for a more secure, reliable, and efficient experience.

In this webinar we’ll walk you through:

👉🏼 The benefits of OAuth based authentication
👉🏼 Structure of v2 API
👉🏼 Constructing an API call with v2 API in a third-party application
👉🏼 Using v2 Deluge Tasks in other Zoho Products
👉🏼 Best Practices for migration
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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:11 – Introduction to API
0:07:26 – Zoho API V1
0:11:39 – API V2 v/s V1
0:15:11 – Benefits of OAuth
0:17:41 – OAuth 2.0
0:23:14 – Structure of V2 API
0:28:21 – Available V2 APIs
0:29:13 – Authentication and datasharing
0:34:26 – Components of V2 API request
0:39:06 – Push data from Postman to Zoho Creator
1:01:05 – Questions you may come across
1:04:06 – V2 Deluge tasks
1:15:24 – Best practices in migration
1:17:41 – Concluding
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