HTML can be an easy way to expand the capabilities of your Zoho Creator applications. From dynamic pages, record summaries & emails to providing that extra oomph on your forms, this webinar will help you understand how to incorporate HTML with Deluge to achieve it.

00:01- Introducing the topic
02:05 – About the speaker (Damien Cregan)
03:54 – Why use HTML with Deluge?
06:32 – Create dynamic record summary demo
07:39 – HTML in a string variable
09:44 – CSS in a string variable
11:12 – Demo
17:26 – Custom reports with pages
21:02 – Demo: Production application
32:15 – Improved forms
36:16 – Demo 2
40:20 – Session conclusion

Learn how to:
– Create dynamic record summaries
– Expand reporting capabilities with pages
– Add extra detail to Forms

We’ll cover some of the use cases and best practices, providing all the information necessary to enhance your user’s experience.

Download session files:


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