Patreon Introduction 2020 - Beginner Guide To Why Creatives Should Start A Patreon Page Today

Introduction to Patreon.

Why I think you should signup and begin asking people to support your creativity and why I also don’t think you are begging for help with Patreon.

Deliver great value and everyone wins.

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Lesson Times:
0:00 Introduction, Say Hello Why Are You Here
1:29 What Is Patreon Explained
5:38 Patreon Pricing, How Does Patreon Make Money
9:43 Popular Patreon Examples
16:57 Remember Its A Voluntary Contribution
18:34 What Do Your Patreon Signup Member See
23:20 A Walk Around Your Patreon Admin Area
30:54 Conclusion – I Hope I Can Convince You To Give Patreon A Go – I Am