When LastPass was acquired by LogMeIn in Oct 2015, we expressed our genuine concern about how this would change the LastPass business model and how customer trust would transfer from one company to another. As we suspected, LastPass doubled their pricing for their premium plans on August 2017 and has now introduced new restrictions to their free plan on February 2021, making it practically unreliable. LastPass customers are unhappy with the recent changes, flocking to social media channels such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook to post their candid reactions.

Zoho Vault, our password management app, is an integral part of Zoho’s suite of products and is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. The Zoho suite has been on the market for over fifteen years and commands the trust of more than 60 million users. Having stayed private and bootstrapped and profitable for 17 years since the founding of the company, we are firm believers in the motto, “Trust is NOT transferable.” We are here for our users, for the long haul.

Today, everyone needs a password manager and if you’re looking for a hassle-free (and more affordable) alternative to LastPass, watch a recording of our webinar to:
1. Learn about Zoho
2. Get a quick demo of Zoho Vault
3. See how Zoho Vault stacks up against the competition
4. Live Q&A

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