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If you are frustrated, confused or looking for a better and easier way to play golf, I can help, but you have to be willing to be different.

Frustrated and ready to quit playing, my journey to better golf led me to Moe Norman in 1994. After becoming friends, through his ten year tutelage, I was able to discover his often misunderstood, unique golf swing method which simplifies golf. In doing so I was able to become a a great ball-striker and find my love for golf again.

Moe's discovery is now being used by thousands of golfers around the world. I believe it is the golf swing answer you are looking for. This channel is dedicated to helping you discover Moe and learn what I learned - how his Single Plane Swing can help you hit the golf ball better than you ever imagined. Find out more about Moe and my instruction, you can visit my websites at: (Main), (about Moe), (Membership / Instruction).

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