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Paul Wilson's golf tips teach a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing to golfers of all ages and genders, beginners to pros. This easy swing will get you hitting your irons solid and more distance with your driver.

An effortless swing is all about teaching golfers to stop hitting the ball with the arms. Instead, I want them using their body (legs and hips) as the power source. This is different, not difficult which means anyone can learn this type of effortless golf swing.

If you're not playing to your potential, playing in pain, you need more lag and distance or just need to understand how the golf swing works, please subscribe to my channel right now so you'll be notified when I post new tips.

More Info - Paul Wilson Golf offers private lessons and schools for beginners, intermediate and experts. I am also the creator of The Body Swing and Swing Machine Golf as well as the Founder of Ignition Golf. The Paul Wilson Golf School is located at Bear's Best Las Vegas.

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