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Having up to 2 million unique readers and over 18 million page views per month, GolfWRX has realized a unique platform that has been able to differentiate itself from other traditional digital properties. As the world’s largest and best online golf community, GolfWRX guides consumers through the golf equipment buying process, as well as fostering learning and enrichment via original photographic and video content, peer-to-peer advice (and camaraderie), and technical how-to’s. In addition, GolfWRX features industry-leading tour equipment and launch coverage as well as a range of voices to speak to everything from instruction to golf travel.

With up to 15,000 golfers online at the same time, we are uniquely positioned to engage these passionate, core golfers to become industry influencers. And, as mentioned, prospective writers can even apply to our Featured Writer Program to develop their writing skills and expand their reach.

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