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Ever wonder why golf is so much more complicated than any other sport? Is all of this golf instruction and all of these gadgets necessary? And who should you listen to? There are so many different "gurus" and teachers to choose from, how could you possibly choose one that had all of the answers? I firmly believe that relatively high level golf is sustainable without the time and effort of a tour pro, and I am on a mission to prove it. Starting at a 10 handicap, my ultimate goal is scratch, but first, I plan to build a simple and repeatable full swing, a solid short game I can rely on, putting that limits 3 stabs, and closes out on 3 to 8 foot putts in 1 as often as possible. I will also examine trends, equipment, and gear to expose unnecessary costs and wastes of your time. Golf is only as hard as we make it and I have made it too difficult for too long.

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