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So what exactly is Garage Golf you ask? Garage Golf is THE golf destination for the everyday golfer. If you're like us then you understand that a pro golfer doing a review on a golf club or product doesn't necessarily translate well to what that product will do for you as an average golfer. Here are Garage Golf we have a golfer for every swing type and we look to cater to your needs. When we do product or simulator reviews our goal will be to put everything to the test for that specific item and give you the input you desire. What makes us better than the next person to give you this input? Well in a short answer...Nothing! That's just it! We worked long and hard to put together a sim room that will allow us the ability to make these types of videos for you, the every day golfer. Hence our slogan, "Garage Golf, Extraordinary Golf Info for the Extra-ORDINARY Golfer!"

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