If you manage hundreds of passwords like many of us, getting a password manager must be on top of your list. Password managers like Zoho Vault give you the comfort of organized access to all your passwords, secure them with the industry grade encryption standards, and save you from password fatigue by remembering your passwords for you. Move away from spreadsheets, text files, or even your default browser in an instant and access all your passwords from any device using one master password with Zoho Vault.

This video will help you learn how Zoho Vault can safely manage your passwords, securely share passwords within your team, enable custom features based on your organization’s needs and much more.

Vault is free for individuals and extremely affordable for teams and businesses. To know more details, write an email to [email protected] or visit our website

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Create Account
01:41 Add Users
02:28 Create User Groups
02:51 Assign Roles
03:25 Add Passwords
04:21 Create Folders
04:35 Single Sign-On For Cloud Apps
05:06 Enable Access Control
05:38 Real-Time Audit
05:59 Extensive Reports
07:30 Security Dashboard
08:04 Advanced Features
08:13 Multi-Factor Authentication
08:31 Fine-Grained Controls
08:52 Password Policy
09:12 Emergency Access
09:48 Data Backup
10:06 Offline Access
10:29 Custom Alerts
10:45 Password Validity Reminders
11:11 Browser Extension & Mobile Apps
12:03 Connect With Us

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