In a post-pandemic, HR teams have a critical role to play in preparing for, adopting, and managing change. Zoho Creator allows you to build custom applications to suit unique protocols and assessments, while having direct access to your employee data in Zoho People, so all your processes can be context-aware. This webinar will take you through the process of integrating Zoho Creator and Zoho People.

We’ll cover:
👉🏼 Scope of Zoho People API
👉🏼 Creating a custom OAuth connector for Zoho People
👉🏼 Usecase with specific examples
👉🏼 Relevance to Zoho BacktoWork
0:00 Introduction
1:21 Brief on Zoho Creator
3:29 Brief on Zoho People
3:55 Usecase 1 – Fetch employee database
4:49 Usecase 2 – Project management system
5:08 Usecase 3 – Cab management system
5:39 Introduction to Zoho BackToWork
7:03 Set-up BackToWork
7:26 Approaches to integration
9:00 Demo – Fetch departments from People
23:31 Using connection object
35:27 OAuth API
38:51 Zoho People OAuth API
45:26 Usecase showcase
1:05:19 Conclusion
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