Are you facing deliverability issues with your Zoho Sign document emails? Are your Zoho Sign document emails landing in the spam/junk folder in the recipient’s inbox?

No need to worry. This can be easily solved by verifying your organisation’s email domain ownership. You can do this in Zoho Sign using the DKIM method.

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is an industry standard email authentication method that helps companies take responsibility of their message in transit, and mailbox providers to check the source of each message using cryptographic techniques. Upon completion of DKIM verification, every email you send will have a signature attached at the time of transmission to verify the authenticity of the message source. This way, companies can prevent malicious actors on the internet from sending out emails impersonating them, and also enable third-party services like Zoho Sign to send emails using their domain without being flagged as a spammer.

Follow the steps in this video to learn how you can verify your email domain using DKIM in a quick and easy manner.

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