Episode 9 of Working Remotely vlog features Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation talking about a wide range of issues.

0:10 – 1:00 min: On being the ‘most remote’ worker within Zoho. Sridhar came on video conference via Zoho Meeting app. He was speaking from a farm near the South Indian town of Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu.

1:30 – 4:35 min: On why Sridhar announced WFH for Zoho much ahead of others. The decision to move Zoho’s 8000+ workforce was not only to safeguard Zoho employees but also to put to test Zoho’s remote work tools.

5:10 – 6:40 min: On Zoho’s remote work tools. Sridhar points out that Zoho’s audio-video tools have been in the works for a longtime now. “It is still work in progress but it is being used heavily in this scenario.”

7:10 – 9:10 min: Is this a fundamental shift in how businesses are going to be run? Sridhar believes what is happening is not just because of the Corona virus but a reset of the global economy.

10:10 – 12:20 min: On the issue of ‘trust’. How do communities/businesses maintain or rebuild trust during Corona Crisis and economic meltdown? Sridhar touches upon topics about about debt destroys relationship. “கடன் உறவை கெடுக்கும்” is a popular saying that small shops in Tamil Nadu display on their nameboards.

12:35 – 14:00 min: On what business owners and leaders can do. Sridhar suggests that businesses need to communicate a lot more. He cites Zoho’s Covid-19 fallout measures as examples. “We still have to come together as neighbours and communities. I do believe there is enough goodwill in the world to make this happen”

14:12 – 15:50 min: On reinventing workflows. “Plumbers today are more valuable than multi-national marketing experts,” Sridhar jokes. The Zoho Corp CEO talks about how skillsets are going to become important.

16:30 – 18:05 min: On being self-reliant and becoming leaders. Sridhar talks about flipping the education paradigm. “For a lot of kids, schools are nothing more than mind-numbing boredom,” he says. He says educational systems must teach skills and promote self-reliance. “Ultimately, entrepreneurship is self-reliance broadened.”

18:10 – end of clip: On spirituality and self-isolation. “We need to seek relationships with others without the barrier of ego. In this time, given the enforced isolation, we might as well make a virtue of that and enjoy the solitude.”

Working Remotely is a podcast series supported by Zoho Remotely, a remote work toolkit from Zoho Corporation that is free for teams around the world till July 1, 2020. For more details, visit

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