Do you or does your organization still work with paper documents using printers and scanners, and get them signed using pen, paper, and seals?

Zoho Sign, our easy-to-use digital signature solution, can vastly streamline and speed up your document signing process. With the help of Zoho Sign, your organization can go completely paperless and cut down the administrative costs and the turnaround time in business paperwork by up to 90%. You can use Zoho Sign to set up sophisticated workflows to collect signatures on documents from anywhere and on any device, and securely manage the signed documents on the cloud.

In this webinar session, we cover:
1. Why the digital signature technology is replacing the pen-and-paper approach
2. How Zoho Sign can save you time, energy, and resources
3. How to sign documents and send them out for signatures using the Zoho Sign app on your browser and various mobile devices
4. How to set up e-sign templates with commonly reused documents to send them out in just two clicks

For any queries or assistance, write to [email protected]

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