There are plenteous features available in Zoho Creator that you might have worked upon. Yet specializing in the core concepts of Zoho Creator and gaining in-depth knowledge on these features not only helps in boosting your confidence but also helps in spotting business opportunities. So we contemplated the idea of bringing these core concepts to the session.

What you can expect in this video?

02:23 – Establishing the relationship between two forms using lookup
03:45 – Types of lookup
04:28 – Use cases and Demonstration
24:40 – Best practices while using lookup
25:50 – Creating Sub-forms to relate forms
29:40 – Subform tasks and actions
48:10 – Business cases and Application Demonstration
01:07:32 – Best Practices
01:08:22 – Combined Reports
01:11:51 – Record Templates
01:28:31 – Customer Portal UI Customization
01:33:12 – Conclusion
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