Programming languages such as Java and Node.js will help you use native concepts to extend the potential of your application. Creator allows you to write and host Java and Node.js functions in Creator to be called as necessary. This webinar will take you through some examples and explain how you can overcome the traditional limitations of Creator.

You’ll learn how to:
👉🏼 Construct a Java Function – arguments and parameters
👉🏼 Call a Java function in Creator
👉🏼 Process output data
👉🏼 Configure libraries
👉🏼 Use-case based examples
00:00 Introduction
02:26 Anatomy of an app
03:15 Using Zoho Creator to build an app
04:37 New coding languages in Creator
05:11 Cloud functions
08:06 Why Java/ NodeJS?
08:58 What is Java?
10:41 Java in Zoho Creator
14:43 Demo – Sample Java cloud function
31:34 What does Java function do?
35:26 Other examples of using Java in Creator
38:28 Questions and answers
45:16 Conclusion
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