With remote work becoming more and more common across the globe, productivity and time management are now pivotal concerns for every organization. With the number of business applications employed by companies constantly increasing, a password manager like Zoho Vault saves a lot of productive hours for your team. Vault’s new interface has been carefully designed to address these pressing needs, helping users increase their productivity while improving their overall online experience.

In a recent webinar, we spoke about our new interface in detail, addressing topics like:
1. New UI enhancements
2. New feature updates
3. Benefits of migrating to the new interface
4. FAQs when migrating to the new interface
5. Tips to enhance password management
Watch the entire webinar to learn all about the benefits of migrating to Zoho Vault’s new interface and how your teams can make the most of it.

Our Panelists
– Meenakshisundaram R, Product Marketer
– Christopher Clement J, Technical Support Engineer

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