Legacy modernization is high on the demand list of decision-makers who want to expedite the ability of their businesses to meet the demand for digital transformation. To be able to make reasonable decisions on their unique transition to digitize their enterprises, they need a solid understanding of the role of legacy modernization and its impact on digital transformation and cloud technology.

This webinar will take you through the process of application modernization with low-code in various enterprises.

We’ll cover:

👉🏼 Definition of legacy modernization for the majority in October 2020
👉🏼 The significance of legacy modernization in digital transformation.
👉🏼 Establish the relationship of microservice architecture in the modernization process.
👉🏼 Understanding the process of migrating legacy systems to a cloud and low-code infrastructure and becoming a cloud-native.
00:00 Introduction
02:51 Panelists
12:17 Impact of the pandemic
23:31 Digital transformation and legacy modernization
28:47 Legacy modernization strategies
35:14 Role of low-code in Legacy modernization
39:11 The ITV Story
45:05 Low-code – When and when not?
47:19 Q&A
54:00 Conclusion
54:20 Closing remarks
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